• Work

    Global insights & Market intelligence

    Empowering insights with cultural research to decode foreign markets, trends & consumers

    Brand Cultural Audits: 360° perception of your brand on a local market to ensure its cultural relevance and differentiation
    Cross-cultural market research
    Competitive analysis & Benchmarks
    Sources of Inspiration

  • Work


    Taking into account local cultural specificities to adapt brands’ strategies in a differentiating & resonating way

    Book of communication rules: strategic & operational guidelines to localize your branding on local markets
    Conception of brand platforms integrating a multicultural perspective
    Cultural strategic planning: ensuring the cultural relevance of ad campaigns, selection of local ambassadors, activations

    • Work

      Naming & Semiotics

      Decoding cultural communication and transliterating brand names & taglines

      Transcreation of brands’ names & taglines in Chinese
      Decoding of communication codes in various industries
      Semiotic analysis of brands’ identity & communication
      Definition of brands’ “Voice”

Ad hoc projects

We combine an in-depth understanding of brands’ identity – origin, story, personality, aesthetics, imagination, and values of local markets, competitive landscapes, trends, and consumers.
In order to help brands raise awareness & better “resonate” in local markets while fully expressing their difference & exclusivity.
Our methodologies include Desk & academic research, Market & Trend analysis, Semiotic Exploration, Ethnography & Field trips, Online & Offline Focus Groups, Experts & consumers In-Depth Interviews, Online Communities, Qualitative Social Listening, and Surveys.