Book of communication rules


An iconic French luxury fashion brand, established in China for over 10 years was actively communicating via social media, local celebrities endorsements, events and collaborations. Yet, the Chinese audience remained unfamiliar with the brand’s narrative & heritage, which was detrimental to its awareness, differentiation and desirability.
Their marketing team wished to get an in-depth understanding of the 360°perception of the brand: its name, story, collections, online & offline communication, boutique environment, and Identify:
The elements of the brand identity most resonating for Chinese
The dissonant elements: barriers to purchase & elements detrimental to the brand image


Strategic recommendations to increase their awareness while maintaining their exclusive and unique image
Operational guidelines in order to localize their communication strategy – content, aesthetics and language for the Chinese audience


Focus groups of clients and competitors’ clients in several Chinese cities
Semiotic decoding of the brand’s global and localized communication